Santo Clinic Project

~Mark seeing patients~

December 2013


Mark Marshall, Jane Kirsch’s brother, is a Physician’s Assistant. He went to Haiti on the 6th day after the earthquake in 2010 with the help of his Hospital and medical staff. Mark stayed one month and worked in a small church with a Haitian born doctor from New York. They worked with about 60 patients, all whom had amputations from the age of 3months to 65 years of age.


Later they took their remaining patients to a large field hospital run by Harvard Medical and the University of Chicago Medical which both have extensive disaster relief programs all over the globe.


Meeting a medical director from the University of Chicago, Mark was asked to run a small clinic in the Santo District of Prot au Prince, which he did for the month he was there, seeing up to 350 patients a day.


Since that time the clinic recently moved farther out in the country in the village of Duval Roche.  Staying at the House of Presence, a guest house run by elements of the Catholic church, where they also hold a clinic besides holding clinics in 4 other small churches.  This is the only health care available to them.


Mark has incorporated himself as Santo Clinic Inc. meaning money or material donated are tax deductible.


Mark goes to Haiti for 10 days every 3rd months with a team of doctors, nurses, PAs and non medical people who donate their time and talents.


Each trip they see about 1000 patients. They take multivitamins for children and special medicine for intestinal worms, the combination helping fight malnutrition. Pneumonia and skin problems are also a very big problem for kids because of their living environments. They provide medicine for hypertension, care and vitamins for pregnant women and do some minor surgeries.


Almost all of the money Mark receives goes to buy medicines and some medical supplies. Mark tries to take enough for 3 months until he is able to return.


Nonmedical items Mark takes, are those special items he shares with the children. He received from a Brownie and Cub scout group, homemade beaded bracelets, match box cars and they have also taken Beany Babies.


Take a look at their blog!


~Haitian Superstition: A key around the neck to prevent vomiting~

~Waiting room~

~On a desk at the school where we have a clinic. Not much goes to waste on Haiti.~

~We have a clinic in this church every trip~

~Elderly patient~


~We have a clinic at this school~


~Someone likes her new bracelet. Thank you!~