Santo Clinic Project

July 2014

Letter from Mark Marshall


I have just returned from Haiti and wanted to update you and all of the members of your church that have supported us there. The July trip was geared toward providing mosquito nets to the small village of Cuvier.  We are the only medical care the people in Cuvier have available to them and the mosquito nets are designed to reduce the incidence of Malaria, Dengue fever and Chikungunya, the latest of the mosquito borne disease to plague the people of Haiti.  Santo Clinic was able to purchase 1000 mosquito nets and the plan is to have a mosquito net in every house in this village.  Similar 'saturation' efforts have been very successful in other countries. The mosquito nets are manufactured with insecticide treated nylon approved by the World Health Organization and should last 3 years with daily use.In addition to the mosquito nets, we saw about 1000 clinic patients in the villages that surround our House of Presence, in Duval Roche.  We have clinic each day in a church in one of the communities around us, we have medicines and medical suppies in big plastic bins and travel to a new site each day.  We are able to provide a 3 month supply of medicines for the ongoing problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.  We still see a fair amount of malnutrition in the kids, but this is improving with the Albendazole ( for worms ) and multivitamins that each child gets every 3 months.With the generosity of your group and others, we will continue to go to Haiti every 3 months and hope to make a difference in the small communities that we serve.  Thank you again for your support to Santo Clinic.Mark